Centered Summer Nutrition Bundle

We all need a summer where we focus on what we do have control over—taking good care of ourselves, our families, and our communities.


When you heal yourself, you heal everything connected to you. Your family, community and the earth all benefit from you taking care of yourself.


This is bigger than just learning how to stick with a diet. This is about healing the world at large. The only way to save this broken world is to save yourself.


Every cell of every organ of your body relies on nutrients to function. Your nutrition is therefore the foundation of your health—or your disease.


Invest in your well-being this summer.

With my Centered Summer Nutrition Bundle, you’ll receive:


1 Hour Long Initial Consultation where we’ll: 

  • Take a deep dive into your health history, symptoms and struggles, and come up with short- and long-term goals together.


3 Weekly Followup Sessions (30-45 minutes long) where we’ll: 

  • Look at your food choices over the last week and make gradual changes based on your unique bioindividual needs.

  • Add in targeted supplementation with whole food supplements (an additional $20-$50 expense).

  • Celebrate your victories and make adjustments for missteps.

  • Help you find recipes that are easy to follow and will nourish and satisfy you and your family.

  • Help you understand the messages your body is communicating to you—your symptoms.


Investment: $195  (A $235 value. Save $40 by signing up now!)