Are You a Truth Seeker?

Health information is contradictory AF!  One article says butter and eggs are bad, then the next week another source claims they're healthy. 


Your friend swears that one diet worked for her, but when you try it, you're hungry and miserable.

Your doctor says "manage your stress and watch what you eat", but what does that mean?

The truth is: you are unique. 

What works for someone else might not work for you. 

Cut through the nonsense and find the solution you're searching for!

It Starts With Food

Nutritional Therapy addresses six foundations:

Properly Prepared Nutrient Dense Food, Digestion, Blood Sugar Regulation, Healthy Fats, Minerals & Hydration

No "One Size Fits All"

Most health problems arise when one or more of these foundations are imbalanced.  The first step is finding out which foundation needs support.

This is how I identify your bio-individual needs. With a detailed health history, and look at your symptoms we discover exactly where your body needs support. 

Discovery Call:

Your First Step


This free 15-minute phone or video call lets us get to know each other. We'll chat about your story, what you struggle with, what's worked or hasn't worked for you in the past.

This is an informal call to see if my approach feels right for you.  I will be completely honest with you if I think I can help you.  

Your Initial Consultation: 

Creating a Plan For Success


During this hour long visit we will:

  • Talk in-depth about your health history.

  • Discuss health goals that are important to you.

  • Look over specialized reports showing your foundations that need immediate attention.

  • Discuss any barriers you struggle with so I can best support you.

  • Create action steps and start accomplishing your goals.

  • Make changes to your diet that feel right and realistic for you.

  • Schedule a follow-up appointment.

Follow Up Appointments

Meeting weekly at first, these visits are about 30 minutes. Visits can be in my office or via zoom.  I'll work with you for 3-6 months, guiding you through gradual changes to food and lifestyle. 

Follow-ups may look like:

  • Identifying food sensitivities through non-invasive testing procedures

  • Reviewing your food journal and making changes to foods that feel realistic for you

  • Creating new goals once you have successfully completed others

  • Discussing any challenges that are getting in the way of your success

  • Home visits where I come to your home and help you clean out your cupboard or prepare a new dish together to build your culinary confidence 

  • We go grocery shopping together!  I help you navigate a new health food store, read labels and/or find the best options


I offer you a judgment-free, safe space for your healing process.  Change is HARD WORK! I will hold space for you in the tough moments and applaud you when you win. Let's work together to help you succeed!

Nutritional Therapy Consultation
 Appointments in person, by phone or zoom
Initial Consultation (1 hour):   $100     
Follow-Up Visits (30 min): $45
Nutrition Bundle
 (Must be used within 12 months of purchase)
12 Nutrition Visits: $495  ($45 savings)         

The Ultimate Self Care Routine 

Body and Soul Packages
Designed to ensure you are prioritizing your health and taking good care of yourself inside and out! 
(Must be used within 6 months of purchase)
10 Nutrition Visits + Two Massages ($50 savings):
60 minutes: $500 
90 minutes: $550 
10 Nutrition Visits + Four Massages ($75 savings):
60 minutes: $625 
90 minutes: $725 

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