It Pays to Have Healthy Employees

Do You Have a Wellness Program?

Investing in your employee's health and well being not only improves your company's productivity, but it also saves you money.  This study from 2011 indicates that chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease can cost employers over $300 per year per employee.  Even seemingly minor health problems like heart burn or back pain can end up costing you hundreds of dollars each year per employee.  It pays to have healthy employees!

Owl's Eye Wellness offers educational one on one mini consultations that cover a wide variety of health topics.  My goal is to empower your employees with knowledge so they can make informed decisions about their health.


Meeting one on one allows for a more personalized approach with each employee.  Consults are usually 15-20 minutes in length and participants can decide how they would like to spend their time with me.  I can give them a chair massage, walk them through a guided meditation or have a conversation about a health topic that is meaningful to them.  

What Wellness Visits Look Like

A More Personal Approach

Generalized wellness talks in a group setting can be boring for some folks, the information might not be applicable for everyone in the room and it could end up feeling like a waste of time.  No one wants that!  This is why I love having private mini consultations with each employee so I can really hone in on what is important for that person and customize my support.

During 1:1 mini consults, each employee can choose a topic that interests them or talk to me about a current health struggle they are having and we can discuss it together.   Employees love the individualized attention and care they receive in these sessions!  

Workplace Wellness packages allow me to visit your office multiple times throughout the year which helps me to really get to know your employees and their health concerns.  Visiting multiple times allows for us to build a relationship, set health goals for employees to accomplish between visits and for me to follow up with them throughout the year.  I want to know their story, support them when times feel tough and cheer for them when they win!


Part of the Wellness Package include support between office visits.  I am available via phone or email to answer any health related questions that may arise.  Changing food and being consistent with healthy choices is hard work!  Having the support of a trained professional who is familiar with their history can make all the difference in their success!

Building Relationships

Popular Wellness Topics ​

  • Stress Management - With 10-15 Minute Chair Massage

  • Supporting the Six Foundations of Health

  • Controlling Inflammation Through Diet

  • Reflexology - Introduction to Self Massage

  • Cholesterol - Debunking the Myths

  • How to Read Food Labels
  • Digestion - The Most Important Foundation of Health

  • Water - The Number One Nutrient Deficiency

  • Natural Ways to Improve Sleep

  • Avoiding the 3:00 PM Energy Crash

  • Movement and Stretches While at Your Desk

...and more!​

When you purchase any Workplace Wellness Packages, your employees will receive an exclusive 10% discount off all Owl's Eye Wellness services.  This includes massage therapy, body treatments and nutritional therapy!

Exclusive Discounts

Wellness Talks and Chair Massage

$75 an hour flat rate


Monthly Workplace Wellness Packages

One visit to your office per month for one whole year

2 hour blocks: $1,650 ($150 savings)

4 hour blocks: $3,300 ($300 savings)

Quarterly Workplace Wellness Packages

One visit to your office per quarter for one whole year


2 hour blocks: $550 ($50 savings)

4 hour blocks: $1,100 ($100 savings)




(add $25 per visit if location is more than 15 miles outside of Ithaca)

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