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About Me

I'm originally from a little town near the Adirondacks and was fortunate enough to find my trade early in life. I attended a two-year massage program at Saranac Lake's North Country Community College. This was the beginning of a professional journey that has since become an integral part of my identity. My instructors introduced me to the world of alternative health care, instilling in me the massage therapist's role as a wellness educator. I learned that my responsibility is to care for my clients and to teach them how to actively take care of themselves outside of our sessions.

I am multipassionate and devoted to further exploring and learning about whole food nutrition, women's health, prenatal and perinatal care, children's health and nutrition, regenerative farming and much more!

Why "Owl's Eye"?

I love owls.  I've had some fun and interesting encounters with them!  A while ago when I was pursuing a doula career I was trying to think of a good business name.  One night I had a dream where I had a large owl in my hand.  In order to help it lift off to fly I had to push up while it pushed down, we both needed each other in that moment.

I looked up owl symbolism and many cultures revere the owl and associate it with the wisdom of grandmothers, or the woman's crone stage of life.  The owl also typically has a yellow eye.  Being a nocturnal bird, the yellow eye can represent the sun shining even in the depths of night.  The owl's eye is fixed but the neck is extremely mobile allowing exceptional range of sight.

This is how "Owl's Eye" was born.  Honoring crone wisdom (eat only what your great grandmother would eat), being luminous in the dark and keeping a wide range of view are all qualities of the owl that I bring into my life and practice.

Education and Certifications

A.A.S. Massage Therapy - North Country Community College 2003-2005

I earned an associates degree in Saranac Lake, NY - the heart of the Adirondacks

B.S. Community Health - SUNY Potsdam 2006 - 2008

Further studied holistic and preventative health care.

Additional Trainings and Certifications:

DONA Doula Training - Bastyr University, 2013

Nutrition Response Training NRT® - Ulan Nutritional Services, 2015

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner - Nutritional Therapy Association, 2019

Approved Provider - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), 2023


My Philosophy

I'm here to help and to have fun!  I love massage, I'm skilled at it and I want to share my gift with you!  

I strive to live my life in such a way that I can prevent myself from ever relying entirely on the medical industrial complex.  In other words, I try to take the best care of myself. This is what fuels me in my decisions regarding my health and self care.  

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