Heal Yourself,

Heal the World

Life is chaotic.  There is much work to be done.   Making the world a better place starts with taking good care of yourself!

Are you a mom or a nurturer in your 30’s or 40’s?  Is your health changing?

It’s harder for you to fall asleep at night, you don’t wake up refreshed in the morning.  

Your energy isn’t what it used to be.  You feel foggy and can’t concentrate.  

You’re often in a crappy mood.  You medicate with carbs, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes or pot. 

Low level anxiety is a part of your everyday life.

Quarantine life has you feeling extra puffy these days.

I think you're putting up with some bullsh*t and calling it “health”!

If I'm striking a chord, you're in the right place.  This is a pivotal age for you.  You still have time change the course of your health for the next phase of life (ahem, middle age).  


Instead of food being your enemy or reward system, accept it as your closest ally.  Instead of another "diet", find out exactly what your body needs to rebuild and repair. 


Feel empowered when you make a decisions about food, not guilty!

What if you woke up rested and refreshed?  What if you felt happy for no reason? 

Never say "I'm on a diet" again, and just eat real, whole, nourishing food.


Instead of putting everyone else first and feeling depleted, make yourself the priority. 


Your kids will love watching you flourish.  They'll learn how to care for themselves by following your example. 

Kylie Miller, LMT NTC

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner


"I am a wellness educator, massage therapist, trained birth doula, nutritionist and Beauty Counter consultant.  My mission is simple: to teach you how to take good care of yourself."  


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